We know remodeling can be a scary experience, and most people don’t know where to begin.

Samantha, the principal of SBT Home Design, guides you through the entire process to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.  She will handle any or all of the details of the project – drawing architectural plans, selecting materials, obtaining permits, finding a contractor, and supervising construction.  We know that each project (and each client) is different; you have your own style, budget, and wishes.  Therefore, we tailor each project proposal to you.

We have worked on over a hundred remodels across the greater Los Angeles area – with experience in nearly every style, size, and scope of project.  SBT Home Design obtains their clients almost exclusively through referrals and prides themselves on what often become lasting relationships.  Whether you are buying a new house or have lived there for years, call or email us today to turn that house into the perfect home.